Sayron, the year dedicated to the sector, is a young company established with the coming together of people who have achieved many successes.
With our strength in determining the needs of industry and new technologies are giving great importance to R & D activities. To eliminate the loss of energy production and energy « Life Take Energy From Us » slogan is moving confidently towards the Sayron the road with.
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Online Ups 3 Phase In / 3 Phase
Out 10-600 Kva - Herz Series
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New Generation High Frequency Rectifiers
Yachts - shipyards - rail systems - Hydroelectric power plants - solar power plants - automobile services - electric vehicles.
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Bar 110- 9X7 AH Kiosk Rectifier
Although most of them are optional, all desired features can be programmed thanks to this module. .
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Transformer Thyristor Controlled Rectifiers - Duplon Series

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