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  • Project: automation Park loading Total Tunisia- Rades

Project: automation Park loading Total Tunisia- Rades

The project involves the renovation of a monitoring system established in his truck loading terminal in the region of Rades- Tunis.

the objective of this project is to:

  • Check process, accompanied by a man-machine interface to the operator stations,
  • Monitor and manage the loading process.
  • Allow the acquisition of information concerning the identification of the vehicle and its driver, the information concerning the use of loading islands and supervision of the state of the loading arm.
  • Edit the activity reports and alarms.logo total
  • Give orders and validate users loading permissive.





The system mainly consists of:

  • A lot PLC (CPU, I / O cards, Wardrobe boxes and junctions, food ...)
  • Badge readers that will be available at the entrance of the park and loading cargo in each block to identify the driver and the truck.
  • Pre-setting of installed on each loading dock, they will monitor the status of permissive and give the order to load actuators.It monitors the nature, quality (additives) and the quantity of the product loaded and ensures the correction of volume (15 ° C). It communicates information to all PLCs and display useful information to the loading charge.
  • A supervision unit installed in the control room allowing real-time monitoring of various current operations,the status of various islands and equipment (valves, pumps, tanks ...).
  • Automatic gates at the entrance and at the exit site.


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