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Honeywell Enraf provides a comprehensive range of products and systems for inventory management and tank terminal operations, offering open connectivity, modular design and a robust migration path. The solutions enable optimum use of tank storage capacity to maximize operational efficiency and increase revenues.

Calibration and Verification

Honeywell's Small Volume Provers enable accurate and traceable custody transfer and comply with all major international standards. Users benefit from increased calibration flexibility, faster and more efficient proving and significant cost savings.

Loading and Unloading

Honeywell Enraf's loading automation system manages and controls loading and unloading in a safe, secure and well-documented manner. The portfolio includes the new Fusion4 MultiPak, combining Fusion4 MSC-A and Monoblock technologies into the most advanced additive controller in the market.

Safety and Security

Honeywell Enraf provides operational know-how and a wide portfolio of the latest technology to help run oil and gas terminals profitably, reliably and safely.

Tank Storage

From monitoring oil inventory and operating terminals to custody transfer and financial reporting, Honeywell Enraf can help maximize results on users' investments while reducing costs. Based on extensive experience in terminal inventory management, its products and systems help improve safety, reliability and efficiency of terminal operations.

Terminal Operations Management

Honeywell's Terminal Operations Management portfolio includes the MeterSuite metering solution for accurate oil and gas flow calculations and Terminal Manager that helps address the high complexity and regulatory challenges associated with bulk liquid terminals.

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