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COMAU is a company with 100% of the FCA group (FIAT CHRYSLER CAR).
An Italian industrial entity specializing in the field of industrial automation, robots and automated factories.
COMAU is a leading spplier ofindustrial robots,robotized processes and intergrated robotic soltutions.

It offers a wide range of innovate articulated robots,covering a large number of models that are perfect for handling,spot welding,arcwelding,press-shop automation,palletizing,sealing,machin tending and many other applications.

Tchnologically advanced,reliable,flexibale,and specifically tailored to our customers'needs,COMAU guarantees optimal performances across the entire robot range,robotized cells and process-integrated solutions.

COMAU is present in several countries worldwide through a network of integrators and distributors.

COMAU Robotics Range

    • Industrial robots of high quality since 1978
    • Product Range - payload 3-650 KG
    • Application packages (HW and SW) and positioners

Robots with low payload

  • Best in class in the Hollow Wrist




Robots with low payload

  • Used for arc welding, machining, assembly, handling, sealing ...
  • Features: high repeatability (up to 0.05 mm), high speed and accuracy.
  • Payload between 3 Kg and 16 Kg




Robots with average payload

Robots with average payload

  • Used for machining, handling, polishing ...
  • Features: high repeatability (up to 0.06 mm).
  • Payload between 16 Kg and 60 Kg







Robots with high payload

  • Used for spot welding, handling, polishing ...
  • Features: high performance in terms of speed, robustness, reliability and precision.Robots with high payload
  • Payload of 110 Kg and 220 Kg







Robots with heavy payload

  • Used foundry, spot welding, polishing ...
  • Features: Best in class about the relationship between the payload up to 500 kg and a reach 3.0 m.
  • Payload 290 Kg and 650 Kg


Robots with heavy payload

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